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testosterone womb-6479 The brain and pituitary gland control testosterone production by the testes, where it is produced at the highest levels.

Testosterone is also produced by the adrenal glands. Testosterone is the hormone responsible for male sexual characteristics — external and internal sex organs penis, testes, prostate, seminal vesicle, etc. testosterone womb-3336 Testosterone also plays a role in male libido, erectile function and male fertility health. For many men experiencing low testosterone levels, there are no symptoms. Low testosterone is known to be a cause low sex drive and erectile dysfunctionor impotence, as well as low sperm count and enlarged male breasts.

Some men with low testosterone may also experience the following symptoms: When a variety of these symptoms become bothersome, doctors will perform blood tests to determine testosterone levels and investigate possible causes. While testosterone levels naturally decline as a man ages, there can be other contributors to low testosterone levels that include: Upon determining contributing factors, your doctor may suggest further investigation with an endocrinologist, or offer testosterone replacement therapy gel or patches placed on the skin, injections or pellets implanted under the skin.

Testosterone treatment comes with risks, the most serious being prostate cancer. Other risks of testosterone treatment are breast or prostate enlargement, acne, sleep apnea, edema swelling of the ankles, feet, or legs and high red blood cell count.

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Depending on the cause of low testosterone levels, there may also be natural ways to support the body in promoting healthy testosterone levels.

Diet is critical for male fertility health. What a man eats prior to conception may not only impact his hormone levels, sperm health and overall fertility, but the early development and health of an embryo as well. Zinc deficiencies and exposure to xenohormones are known to impact testosterone levels in men, in turn affecting hormone balance and sperm health.

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During times of high and chronic stress, levels of the stress hormone cortisol increase within the body.

This increase in cortisol causes the body to stop releasing its main sex hormone gonadotropin releasing hormone, GnRH, which is responsible for sexual activity and sperm count. Some healthy ways to manage stress include exercising regularly, finding a hobby, meditation and Yoga. Maintain a Healthy Weight. Adipose tissue body fat produces and stores estrogen, slowly releasing it into the bloodstream. It has been found that men with a body composition with a higher ratio of fat to lean muscle mass have elevated estrogen levels and lower testosterone levels.

Chronic low levels of testosterone affect how the testes function causing hormonal imbalance, sexual dysfunction and abnormal sperm which can increase the chance of miscarriage and genetic defects in a developing embryo. Eat a diet rich in nutrient-dense foods and exercise! Consider seeking weight loss support from a personal trainer or nutritionist. Get Moving — Exercise. Regular, moderate exercise supports weight loss efforts and promotes detoxification, increases energy levels, mood, strength, muscle mass, enhances sleep and body image, prevents depression and anxiety, may even increase libido, as well as support bone and heart health.

All of these benefits make regular, moderate exercise essential for improving male fertility. Consider Male Fertility Herbs. Maca root Lepidium meyenii : increases libido in men by increasing blood flow to the pelvic region and encourages healthy testosterone levels. Learn more about Maca here… Tribulusaerial parts and fruit Tribulus terrestris : increases LH and testosterone levels, and aids male sex hormone production, all of which may help increase sperm count, motility, and health.

Learn more about Tribulus here… We encourage men to not be shy or intimidated if one suspects low testosterone levels and wishes for help.

In the end, regardless of the cause of the low levels, a man who changes his diet and lifestyle first is going to be positively impacting his hormone balance, sexual function, sperm health and overall health. How to Use Fertility Herbs To Enhance Your Fertility Naturally. Restore Hormonal Balance for Improved Fertility. Email will not be published required. The Natural Fertility Diet: How to Eat for Optimal Fertility.

Prepare for Conception with Fertility Cleansing. Guide to Fertility Charting. Elizabeth Willett, MA, CH. Healthy diet and lifestyle choices are the foundation for healthy hormonal balance. Low AMH Levels: What Do They Really Mean For Fertility? Fertility Herb Guide: Uterine Fibroids. Let your voice be heard. Leave a brief comment or question related to this article. Click here to cancel reply.

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