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Los Angeles Radio People, C. Compiled by Don Barrett. Mickey Czegledy co-hosted the morning show at. Country KIKF and she is involved in voiceover projects. Bill works for Telemundo in San. After KPWR he created and hosted. He runs Lee Cadena Management and. Teena Marie, Chino XL and Boo Taa T. CadmanRobert: KWVE.

Robert is in real estate in the San Clemente area. Since KWIZ, Bob has been New York, Fresno. CalaJoe: KFWB. Joe broadcasts sports at all-News KNX. testosterone wgci-4189 CalamarGary: KCRW.

~Los Angeles Radio People, Where Are They Now?

He’s been nominated for four Grammy awards. Counts, and Raul Campos. Mike was chief engineer at. He’s now consulting for San Diego Gas. After five years as operations manager at WPOW-Miami. He left the Miami cluster in. CameronLee: KDIS.

Lee has a voiceover career.

~Los Angeles Radio People, Where Are They Now?

Myles is news anchor at KSFO-San Francisco. Vince was a longtime newsman for KFWB and contributor to. Vince accumulated a library filled with awards for meritorious. There are a lot of names I leave behind. But none that I will forget. All that will stay with www.florencecardinal.com my. A few days before his death, Vince. He required surgery and.

Gary currently does a country show for Dial-Global networks. Ross Crystal, and Vicki Cox Campbell. John is a part-time actor. Stan is based in Niagara Falls with his. He also hosts a. Show” and in the US, the “American Driver Radio. Raul works evenings at KCRW.

Steve took over the gm duties at the BEAT in October. Lisa was the leggy announcer on ABC’s Into. Lisa was part of the debut. A week later he was working afternoons at KUSC. Dave works weekends at “The WAVE. He hosts his website, www.florencecardinal.com. In addition to his work on. He’s now retired after a long. But he said that. And that was very. When he was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Carlin.

Dan was part of the original group of Creem magazine. He worked swing at. Francisco while it was Classic Hits until a format flip to Oldies in late. Bill died of cancer on. California Department of Water Resources. Chambers, Francesca Cappucci, and Chet Casselman. CarmodyLyle: KMPC. Lyle was part of the. CarollaAdam: KROQ. He pioneered a new era of podcasting.

Craig hosts Friday Lunch Box Radio. Scott lives in Portland and is a stock broker. The spiritual advisor to Michael Jackson started a weekend talk. A few years later she transitioned to traffic reporting with Metro. Metro, Margaret produced content and traffic reports in the. KMJ news team in Fresno. He is now working. J Cruz, “Papa Joe” Chevalier, Tom Calococci, and Brad “Martini” Chambers. Larry worked as an anchor at all-News. His significant contribution to. Rick was described in the LA Times as.

KROQ had actually gone “dark” to try to. Some called it the flagship. Actually, it’s probably the tightest programmed format in the. When Rick instituted some structure to the format and music selection, the.

He made two attempts at rehabilitation. KROQ personality Richard Blade. In fact, everyone lost a. You might not have known his name, but you surely. Baltimore and Washington, DC, there was never another thought but. His older brother was an announcer at. WCAO-Baltimore and at the CBS network in New York. His first radio job was. During his two decades at KMPC, he was also the tv. Como, Tony Orlando and Dawn, Redd Foxx and Pearl Bailey.

Mancini Generationas well as hundreds of commercials. Roger was one of. In a promotion co-sponsored by United. Long before the accessibility of. On arrival in Honolulu. Roger became head of a new Golden West Syndication Features wing. Roger claims the enormous success of KMPC was. Tom went on to. Deb is heard providing sports updates at Fox. Sports Radio, heard locally at KLAC. Jim worked middays at. CARTER” Big John”:. John was a veteran of. Born Johnny Yount, the.

Bill Wade School of. Broadcasting graduate was known as “Spanky Elliott” at KACY-Oxnard and. He got started at KNAK-Salt Lake City. Johnny’s response to a request to track his career for. Radio People resulted in a three-page letter. I ever did that amounted to anything. Hudson for a month. Named ‘Big John Carter’ over the phone by programming genius. If it weren’t for him, no one.

I quit unceremoniously when some of my friends got. My heroism got me nothing but a lot of bad press. Jack was always nice to me. Some sort of chastity record for a dj. KPOI: Hired to do mornings as Maxx Mahimahi, and I victimized the Islands with. I got fired for my trouble. Charlie hired me again. After some months I began to feel extremely unwelcome. If she calls, I’m not in. KEZY: No boss was ever more of a radio person than Rick CarrollGod.

I have the distinct misfortune of sounding. Fred Crane, Chuck Cotton, Myles Cameron, and Mike Callaghan Carter. America’s longest running Beatles show, Breakfast with the Beatles on KLOS. Born John Carter Forshee in La Crosse. Wisconsin, and raised in Irvington, Texas, he lived in.

John had various assignments including “Arrow. John died of cancer on. Les, as pd, brought many amazing personalities to the airwaves at KPPC. Credibility Gap satirical news team extraordinaire featuring. Richard Beebe news voice extraordinaireDavid L. Michael McKean, and Harry Shearer. An early version of the. The Persuasions added soul to the station sound with their A Capella. KPPC IDs and promos. Deirdre O’Donoghue humanitarian and. Beatles host started the KPPC Community Switchboard that gave out.

Nick hosted a jazz show on KGBS. Rich was working at KBOX-Lompoc. Peter Cashman, and Paul Crouch CaseyTom:. Tom owns Research Partnership in Sunnyvale. For many years before arriving at KLON, Peter worked in Australia radio.

After leaving KLON, Peter worked at Casden Cable Company as the director of. He is the founder and. Thomas spent four decades with KFAC, the Classical. Thomas also hosted the “Evening Concert” series sponsored by the Southern. A book on his life is nearing publication. For ten years, Michael hosted a radio show for The Wall Street. He now is a talk radio host at KEX-Portland. Daniel hosted an eclectic weekend show until the Minnesota.

Public Radio Corporation took over KPCC and eliminated music. CatThe: KNAC. The Cat lives in. CateIra D. Mike worked at KCRW under the name Mike McKay. Tim started as intern and worked his way up to. Tim continues as Bruno’s executive. The show is syndicated by Fox Sports Radio, heard in L. Midwesterners fleeing from their homes and farms. Chevrolet with a trailer behind and a mattress on top,” he said.

They landed in Los Angeles, where his three older sisters were. Chuck listened to some of the early. Southern California radio personalities like. He joined the Navy for. Following school, he got radio jobs in Klamath Falls, Oregon and. It was at KFI that his. It evolved into a. Saturday “Party Time,” where his music was played in periods between.

Palladium and other venues playing Big Bands. The program ran from. His listeners have helped him out by providing rare. He’s also heard on the Armed.

Award of Appreciation from the NAB. Dave “Chachi” Denes was made program director of. Firpo Carr, Tom Cross, Kaci. Christian, and Anna [Ginger] Chan Chaidez. ChambersBrad: KLAC. Brad left his post as pd at the Adult Standards. Frank Don Kirk worked at KTBT, billed as the first Acid Rock.

Other LARP at the time included Brent Kahlen, Larry. Adams and Jim Foss. International Media Manager for Phoenix Voyage Humanitarian Initiative. George owns KXIT-Dalhart, Texas. Oldies KOLA in the Inland Empire. He’s now working overnights and. ChanAnna: KLIT. Anna is working weekends at KOLA. As Ginger Chan, she broadcasts. Jonathan is a field reporter for KFWB and.

Ben has passed away. He worked weekends at KRTH. New Jersey, Bruce moved with his family to. KFXM was the station that. Lyle Kilgore doing weekend news at. KFXM and said, ‘I want to do that. A year later he crossed town to. James for five years. Jeff Robins and syndicated a show for. I’ll never forget, I got. Hollywood Stories, including episodes on. Frank Sinatra, John Denver, Wayne Newton. The Monkees, Facts of Life Girls, Robert. Ed was working radio in Texas. Gap,” is active in music circles.

David lives in the. Would he return to the. Nina added another radio show to her already busy schedule doing middays on. Alan works at Classical KUSC. Zack Zenore and they lived in New Mexico. She has passed away. Bill left radio for the world of computers. SEE The Magic Christian. The former pd at KCSN is now a licensed psychologist.

In addition to working. Ken is program director at all-News KNX. Chase was working at. Eric briefly worked swing at “K-Earth” during. He does weekend shifts at KKRW in Houston and KZEP in. Eric also does some Premium Choice voice tracking for. MetroNetworks in Las Vegas. On the weekends, she anchors the. Woody Goulart shares some. Drake and Chenault came in to. Eventually, I, too, heard. But, I remember being. Gene Chenault personally ensured. Chenault will best be remembered. Solid GoldGreat.

American Countryand other. Tim Cates, Joe Cala, John Clark. His first break came when he started in. While still in the. When KGBS changed from Country to Hot. Out of the Bill. Wade studios, Hugh daily taped for XPRS a Country program. When his daily on-air career ended, he became a college. His is the voice on Johnny. Country Music Disc Jockey Hall of Fame. Chester the Arrester : KIIS. Armand “Papa Joe” Chevalier. Papa Joe, popular for. March that resulted in paralysis.

Well, I’ve fallen and I. He had been working in. Las Vegas and the Sporting News. Since leaving Southern California. He formed a business audio recording company known as Audio Service America.

ASA was the original company that provided stylized marketing on-hold. He lives in Albany. Chappe, Chester the Arrester, and Jonathan Chance Childs. Randy works for Mediabase Music Research. Allan lives in Palm. Scratch DJ Academy of Los Angeles. Amy is living in Florida. Ken left his post as head of Hispanic Broadcasting. Nicknamed The Renaissance Man for his varied interests, Christensen left.

I put him in his. He had been living in a boarding house in Iowa. I got to L. Los Angles Radio People. I was blessed with great pipes, good looks, a great sense. I got the rest of the. WCFL-Chicago, KYNO-Fresno, WMEX-Boston he replaced Larry Lujack who was on.

At KYNO, the md was Al. She works as Kelli. Rick Moranis was his board-op. Chris went on to working mornings at the. Country format from the Jones Satellite operation out of Colorado. Folks have told me that if I. Katie Clark, Rich Capparela, Frank Cody, and Marvin Collins Roger returned to KFWB.

He was one of the original jocks. He wrote many of. Many called him the Cole Porter of the. He wrote Dead Man’s Curve and Little Old. During one particular week while on. He produced a Denver group called the Moonrakers that. Roger’s brother told KRLA historian, Bill Earl, that Roger.

Roger’s show close seems. ChristopherJimmy “the Saint”:. Jimmy, inventor and programmer of the Rock N Rhythm and Pure. Bob was the general manager at the Amaturo trimulcast. Chu Lin’s Asian heritage was important to him, calling.

Neighbor Looks Like the Enemy” and helped booked guests and. He also won a National Headliner. Award for the television documentary “Chu Lin is an Old. Church III, George: KFWB, KLAC. He later joined RKO-General in a similar capacity.

Frank works in the admissions. Health Sciences in Pomona. Dick: Dick Clark, his syndicated show heard on KBIG and K-EARTH over. He was the image of KOST for many years, but he will. American Bandstandand whose. Born in Mount Vernon, New York on November. It wasn’t long before the teenager was. Clark pursued his passion at Syracuse University. Clark landed a gig as a dj at WFIL in Philadelphia in. There he broke into the big time, hosting Bandstand, an afternoon dance show.

Within five years, the whole country was watching. Bandstand’ s formula was simple. Clean-cut boys and girls danced to the hottest hits and the newest singles. In between, Clark chatted with the teens, who helped “rate-a-record,”. Everyone showed up on American Bandstand:. He started Dick Clark Productions, and began cranking out one hit show.

Clark became synonymous with one of the biggest nights of the year. Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve on ABC became a. The Museum of Broadcast. Communications has done the math, and figures that Dick Clark Productions.

Now, America’s Oldest Teenager is gone, leaving his. His signature sign-off was always “For now, Dick Clark… so. Today, generations of Americans are saluting. Gary was born in Wewoka. His father was in. It was in Bryson, Texas, when Gary. He never let his polio bother him. His specialized car license plate. He covered major fires, floods and. Many of his colleagues were. Gary was retired and living. Lynda Clayton, Craig Carpenter, Ken Christensen, and Dan Carlisle Clark.

Jay was vp of non-music program for Sirius Satellite Radio. Jerry is a past president of the Greater Los Angeles Press Club and was the.

John uses his real name, Andrew Amador, and is the host of. Katie worked at Dial Global’s Bright AC format until. The weekender worked radio part time while working full time as a cop.

Steve is currently an executive. ClarkeMichael: KFI. He is gm at WWWL-New Orleans. In Detroit he worked for WJBK. CKLW, WWWW, WQTE and WTAK. He was frequently in trouble. I gave explicit instructions to the audience not to try to hold him. I thought if I could impress KFWB with how many. The promotion tied up the phone. They planned to sue KDAY for lost revenue, but a public apology was. Needless to say, I was never hired by KFWB. Don’t we even deserve this?

Is this also forbidden? If taking a deejay to. About an hour before my shift was to end, I would pray that the. Wes Clements, Tony Coles, and Keith Cunningham Clayton. Lynda worked at KSSJ-Sacramento until. She now has an active voiceover career. Steve is living in Minneapolis. ClementsWes: KFWB. Clements, who has worked as a baseball analyst for ESPN, is a.

He attended Hawthorne High School and El Camino. Junior College before moving on to the University of Arizona on a baseball.

He was a national champion, a Sporting News All-American, an. Clements was drafted by the Chicago Cubs and Houston Astros and played. Val was host of Lucky Lager Dance Time, and music director. Val went on to be a news. IntelligencerMinneapolis Star and Seattle. He now operates a business providing. The transplanted Englishman returned to an early. The transplanted Englishman arrived in. The former advertising man. Brian also developed a successful sideline as a.

At one time he. He was best known for his promotion of British comedy. Chuck worked the Country format at Westwood One until early. He moved to Crescent City where he was operations manager for the. He’s now living in La Quinta. I was born in Lynwood and grew up in the Valley so. Mike Carlucci, Andy Chanley, Mr. Choc, and Colin Cowherd CloudDavid:. David was best remembered as a radio.

Bob was the voice for NiteTrax on WTBS. He also served as the Rock reporter for. LA Times : “In a nutshell, they. We were perceived as part of the past, part of the old. After all, it’s the only. I’m completely unqualified for anything else. At the same time he joined KZLA for weekends and moved to. He’s now in production at Premiere Radio Networks. Frank is a filmmaker living.

He’s been working on Internet content with Emmy. CoffeyJay: KIQQ. Jay worked afternoons at. He went on to apd and midday jock at The. She was born in New York City but her. She spent years traveling. Eventually she spent a few years teaching English in Japan. Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism where she learned the craft of. She went on to work at NPR in Washington, DC as a producer and.

Then she came back to California where she worked at NPR. Alex then decided to have a. She was stationed in the downtown offices of. All Things Considered on LA’s leading public radio station KPCC.

CohenMarc: KABC. He is a financial advisor with Wachovia. Larry Carroll, Joni Caryl. Paul Ciliano, and Steve Candullo Cohen. The former program director at KRLA died of multiple-myeloma.

Stacey: Stacey worked for Metro Traffic Networks and is now living in Tucson. She does news for KQTH from her house. The widow of Nat. Nancy left her post as gm at all-Sports KMPC in. She’s teaching at UCLA and involved in starting a business. NewsForHire, a publishing business. She also publishes a quarterly newspaper. Last heard Pat was. During his career, he helped. Before his death in Brentwood. Award for his contributions. Mike Carruthers, Dwight Case, Steve Clark, and Alfredo Cruz In.

On that show he. WTAE-Pittsburgh and then KMPX-San Francisco. With Allen playing piano, Al recorded a. Al went back to WNEW before returning to the Bay. I am talking to them and I like to hear. He hosted a jazz weekend show on the. San Francisco Peninsula, at KCSM-San Mateo until two weeks. He recently signed a. He’s working under his birth name, Paul Lancaster.

The former pd at KKDJ is now production. KFXM is now on a. Unknown what the son. Al is a former. Angel broadcaster who job as voice of the Angels ended.

He has called some San Diego Padres games on. Julie Chin, King Cotton. Jim is the ops. He’s also the pd of. LARadio reported that Dave. A year later, Dave resurfaced, very much alive. This summer, Dave did die in a Rosarita. Dave would reappear in some new, distant market. Britton Doc on the ROQ that Dave. Dave and I were in the same Bill. We both passed the examination and we ended up. It was an exciting. He went on to be an incredible Top. He’d also been at WMYQ-Miami, and was.

Los Angeles Radio Peopletrying to track Dave down took me to one. The pd thought that he had headed. The trail got warm in Portland but by the time I had found his station he. You never knew how long Dave would stay at a. At KACY, he called. I asked him what was going on? He told me that a hooker was dancing on his kitchen table. Wasteland in a single LSD trip, and was trained as a Czech linguist by the. The final curtain has come down on.

Sean was sm at. KDON-Salinas and last heard he was living in Santa Cruz. Chuck works at Paramount. Pictures as the engineer in charge of television production engineering.

Chuck is also a. He hosts evenings for KFI. Charlie was inducted into the. Geri: KRLA, KIEV, KGIL. Carolla, Cassandra ElviraRich Cartter, Marc Cohen, and Dennis Cruz. He had just graduated from Stanford with a. His love affair with radio started at. II service, Ira hooked up with Frank Bull to broadcast the fights. He went on to host Lucky. Lager Dance Time on KFAC. He also had a fascination with being a.

Hawaiian song an hour and brought Don Ho to the Mainland at the. AFRTS programs “It was really fascinating getting letters from servicemen in Iceland asking about Hawaiian music. It seemed to be as popular there as country music. Gene Barry tv series, Incident in. About the same time, he was broadcasting a show called “Lunch. With the Stars,” from Universal Pictures’ lot, each day at noon.

He started his radio career. When he left the Southland, Jay took executive positions. Louis, WIQI-Tampa, and WUSA-Tampa. He was one of the original hosts of. Paul wrote a book, Cooked in LAabout his. He is “happily” retired. The former news reporter at KFWB was the. Bill rejoined KFWB until a format flip in early fall. He moved to sister station, KNX.

Ken does a syndicated show for Super Radio called. He also has a full service production company in Tampa. Kim was with AirWatch America broadcasting. Jerry Clark, Chris Carter, Joe Collins, Buddy Clyde. WAXQ-New York and KGB-San Diego.

John is retired and spends his time. Kat is working middays at KROQ. Station, where his father worked. He credited his father with turning him. It was an immediate success. But even after he left, he. He would fly in from Los Angeles to tape the segments. Beer, Spray ‘N Wash and Greyhound. In his later years, Cordic admitted he was. I rather enjoy it. At the Senator John Heinz Pittsburgh Regional.

CordierDale: KRLA. Cornelius “Corn Dogg” Edwards is known as Cornelius Prince on KJLH. After KPOL, Joe was the founding general manager of KTHO-South Lake Tahoe. He became friends with Ronald Reagan and later produced a. Joe’s currently writing a series of innovative books and the. Shark” Christian, Steve Casey, Joe Cosgrove, and Dave “Chachi”.

Steve was a news anchor for. He returned to his home in Charlotte in late. COURTNEYDavid: David broadcast traffic. He was also an. I had the great fortune of being raised around. Through this I met so many great performers and. Gary OwensBob Newhart, MTM and so many others. Sat next to them in a press box for a. John Ramsey taught me everything I know about P.

Growing up, I wanted to be. Johnny Olson and, fortunately, I was given a voice to work with. Still waiting for my game show break but in the meantime, happy that. I found my niche announcing for sports teams and events. Home Improvement ] and commercial voiceover. ALMOST as great as finding the love of my life – Janet. Mission Viejo where we live. It was the first [and last] marriage. After stints in the U. Colin led the Herd in morning drive at KSPN until late. He’d now middays at KLAC.

Chris is the operations director for the six Cumulus. Kathleen Carey, Ray Crockett, and. Doug is currently the Director of Corporate Culture for Seminole Gaming, one. This is one exciting and successful business,” said Doug. CoxVicki: KFWB. Vicki joined KNX as an afternoon news. She is now heard delivering news at KCRW and KTIE. He then bought the Spanish language station. Jim was also part owner.

He spent the last. Most of his career, at least as long as I had. Doug joined the Air Force during the Korean conflict only to. For years, Doug was. Jim’s syndicated financial talk show aired for only a. His nine-year radio career on KNX was like a late-night tv variety. He was brash, irreverent, quick-witted and the. Initially, his contract forbade him. He loved to act and spent a number of years in dinner. When his tv exclusion clause expired, Carl Reiner put Bob.

He played Dave Kelsy on the. His morning competition was KMPC’s. Dick Whittinghillwith whom he developed a feud that raged. When Bob returned to Southland radio briefly on KMPC, he said, “I. His tv show was in an era when contracts did not allow series stars to get.

The Bob Crane Showand some tv guest shots, Crane had settled into. Beginners Luckwhich he had. According to a coroner’s report, his face, bloodied and swollen. He had an electric cord tied around his. The accused had been a longtime. Cook, Alan Chapman, Tony Cox, Jay Curtis. David bought a radio station in St. CraneFrank: The advertising and radio. Broadcasters Association and a campaign manager for the March.

A colleague remarked: “Frank was always. Freda veteran. After his cinematic debut, Fred became. Fred successfully sued the station. Fred continued to be hired as an actor. Sunset Strip and he was the voice of Alpha. Control on Lost in Space. In his later years. Fred ran a bed and breakfast inn in Atlanta with a.

Gone With the Wind motif. Les was a Talk show host at. Born Les Stein, he started his. He became very popular in San Francisco radio as. His identity gimmick was going into his. He also sat perched on a. Les was married to Tina Louise of. He recorded the hit talking single. Les went on to an enormously successful career in computer software. CrawfordJean: KCBH. Jean owned KMGM later. KCBH in Beverly Hills. Before his arrival at KLON, he produced. All Things Considered for NPR.

He left the Southland in the. We are all in his debt. He was initially the technical director of ATC. SPDFwhich provided seed money for programs to be distributed over the. He graduated from the University of Maryland in. Campbell, Lee Cameron, and Lisa Canning. Frankie was one of. One of the fabulous stories about. Frankie was, upon returning to the Big Apple, he entered New York City’s. That night he reclaimed the New York “radio crown. It was stunts like these that added to his.

Magazine has given Frankie numerous awards for. Personality of the Year. He now lives in Southlake. Texas, a suburb of Dallas. When George left KPOL he became a tennis instructor. Lee is Roland Bynum. It was the name Arnold Schorr selected for him when he came. After a stint in Charlotte, he. Tom is a motivational speaker, consultant, counselor and business coach. Zeke Chaidez, Corn Dogg, Karen Carson, and.

Paul is the founder and. Deanna briefly hosted one of. Mort has passed away. Michael Crozier is part of the news operation at KFI. He went on to. He’s living in the Inland. Clear Channel’s two talk stations following pressure from. As a broadcaster, Cruz has been nationally-recognized for.

Cruz began his broadcast career with the Spanish International Network as. Since then, he has also worked for CBS, ABC and NBC. Among his assignments, Cruz has covered everything. He also received the Liberty Award, the highest. Cruz is also a twice-recipient. Wally Clark, Rick Cummings, R. Curtis, Joe Crummey, and Michael Crozier CruzDennis:. Dennis worked at KIFR-San Francisco with. Kristin was the co-host of the KOST morning show.

Rick is with AirWatch Traffic Services. CruzSuzy: SEE Suzanne Ansilio. Ross is an entertainment reporter. Dan Cuervo works at Priority Records. The former newsman started as a radio actor acting. CummingsRick: KPWR. Joanne: KFWB, KABC, KNX. Magic Christian, Bill Cooper, Chuck. Clifford, and Roger Collins Curelop.

He’s now an AE with Balboa. Capital Corporation in Irvine. Cam is doing occasional engineering at. Benson was the owner of KRHM and hosted “Strictly from Dixie” for many years. He has since passed away. A blogger wrote: “I practically grew up on. Loved that show, and loved the version of. Panama that he kicked off with. I was shocked and saddened one day to. That was the end of a very special bit.

Craig stepped down from his post as the pd at KPCC in. Country music editor for www.florencecardinal.com. Page: www.florencecardinal.com Send mail to: db www.florencecardinal.com with questions or comments about. Ed worked on-air as. Born in Budapest, Hungary, Ava. Behavior and one in Human Sexuality.

She is the founder of Loveology. In her private practice in L. Hollywood’s elite on a myriad of communication and sexual issues. Other books she has written. Sizzling SexThe Stock Market Orgasmand The. She hosted a weekend talk show at KLSX. She started her radio career at.

She followed that with jobs. World War II took. KFAC because he could pronounce the composers and music. David Bernhart of Burbank remembered Bill. Carlson began a pen-pal correspondence based on her interest. Carlson arranged for my mom. Though I was no more than ten and my sister no more. Carlson and watch him broadcast. And, as was almost. Rather than instantly throwing us all out into. Carlson was as gracious as he.

In the decades since, it’s become a source. KXLW, KADI and KKSS in St. Carole came to KGFJ as. Don Mac was changing the call letters to. She eventually worked at KDAY. Carole wrote the “West Coast Scene” column for Black Radio.

Exclusive for several years. Jerry Boulding brought her to. Wednesday evenings, sometimes broadcasting church services and. KPPC was the first FM ROCK radio. The stations’ broadcast studios. It was known as “Underground Radio” in spirit as. Tech with a state-of-the-art sound board custom designed by creative. KPPC consciousness that would come to a sudden end “Sunday, Bloody. CHANDLERBob: The former. Oakland Raiders sports broadcaster.

He led the NFL in. Chandler was rushed to a Denver. Chandler made a miraculous. After Chandler, a nonsmoker, complained of a. He continued to work on Raider broadcasts while. Larry Stewart of the LA Times wrote a moving tribute to.

The bilingual and charismatic. Latina was hired to work afternoons at Real Radio. Two-days later she landed a part-time. WMIB-Miami doing afternoon drive. The former medical billing. Myers, Florida soon followed. Jim Plunkett, the former. Raiders quarterback, knew Todd Christensen as a fun guy who loved. Christensen was ill after seeing him at a Raider reunion in July. And I didn’t find out until. Christensen, a devout Mormon, did not.

Toby, one of his four sons, told the Associated Press the. BYU as a running back, but late Raiders owner Al Davis saw something.

More often than not. Rochester, New York was where Roger started his. He worked as Mike Melody for a couple. His inspiration was Guy King on. Guy was actually Tom Clay. During the summer of. Roger was always active in music. Story album was in the top three on the charts and earned. He was one of the original KHJ. Joe joined “K-Hits” from WRQX. KHTZ, he began his voiceover career doing movie trailers for.

Revenge of the Nerds and other teen movies. Chart Show,” produced by Tom Roundsheard on over. His on-camera career includes. Today, Joe has a. ESPN International and others. He is the image voice of many radio. Joe is also the voice associated. Legacy Award presented by Promax BDA. The national award was. Joe was also the executive. He produced the album.

Twas the Night before Christmas and other Classic Children’s. Marcia gained fame as one of the prosecutors in the OJ Simpson. She’s a high-powered attorney turned book author and correspondent. Born in Berkeley, Marcia dreamed of working for the State Department.

Five months into the trial Clark faced a public humiliation when. With her sons now grown and three marriages ended, these days she. Louis with new pd Gerry. In a major LA Times profile in. He said it stemmed. He said: “It’s the. Wally consulted KIIS for a number of years after. He successfully teamed with Rick Dees.

Wally was born and. He graduated from Southern Illinois. Circle Award from the Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters. Gary was a veteran of KIQQ, KTNQ Ten-Qand KFI from. A veteran of the major. Dead, and Janis Joplin. He moved into the mainstream at. A year later he moved to Los Angeles and joined.

Next stop, San Francisco and KYA. Teen time in Baghdad by the Bay! The Real Don SteeleJoe Nasty. John DriscollDave Sebastianthe. Dick HaynesBiff was probably the best-known of.

He was Houston’s first country dj. He later returned to KLAC. Biff worked at KFOX when. Biff emceed a live album. Nashville editor and was inducted into the Country Hall of Fame in.

Born and raised in Rochester, Al was a high school swimmer. He drove to Florida because he. His big chance came when someone was needed. He dropped out of college to start. Later, there was WIND-Chicago where. After a short stint in the. According to Radio DigestAl was paid. One New York columnist said “Al was. New York as velvet egg cream. Tasmanian owl that had been fitted with purple contact lenses. He loved purple, once had. Al described the “Grotto” as being three.

COLLINSRobert L. Chicago, near the Illinois-Wisconsin line. One of the planes. Windows blew out of the. Besides Collins, two others were killed in the collision. We will remember Bob as. Sinatra’s favorite disc jockey and the host of “Sinatra. During his time on KGIL, Don Page of the LA. They gave me complete freedom in the. Cool, a voice like aged Scotch and the.

Each considers the other the leader of the. Compton is the best disc jockey in the business. It is rumored that he had an opportunity to be a “Boss. Born Paul Compton Abbot in. Ontario, he grew up in Long Beach and majored in journalism. After a stint in the army and studies at. Tulsa University, Noel worked as a radio actor at.

He did summer stock theatre in Michigan. Diego, I freelanced tv spots and acted at San. Palm Springs and became pd and morning man at KROP. His wife died in. John, son of Jay Cook, spent a. John also programmed WYXR-Philadelphia. Lonnie Thurman Cook was born in Kansas.

He has spent a lifetime as a dj, singer. Fandangos, Flamingoes, Five Stars and Del Rayes. While in the army in the early. At KTYM he was the first. When he left the Southland, Lonnie went to. Oakland, where he wrote I Thought You Were Mine for the. Natural Four, which appears on twenty different CD compilations. Lonnie is the executive director of the Doo-Wop Hall of Fame.

He died of brain cancer. Rege also worked morning. His show became an icon in Pittsburgh, starting. Over the years, however, Cordic. The Pittsburgh flavor of his show just didn’t jibe with. Off the air, Cox had personal demons that.

Starting his career at. Cox ended his broadcasting career last year at Country music. Kelly joined KLOS as a part-timer. She got her first job in Texas at Country. Born in Quantico, Virginia, she spent her teen. Kelly had very little exposure to Country music and. She dropped out of radio for a return to Puerto Vallarta, then. While in college Kelly worked at KCQR.

Frankie came to the Southland to duplicate his success with. He was on-air at WWRL-New York and. Storm” show via satellite to WBLS from his home in. One of America’s premiere radio. Honored in the prestigious Rock and Roll. Hall of Fame in Cleveland.

Also an actor, he has appeared in. The Blackhand SideDarktown Strutters and Behind. Frankie got his start on WUFO in Buffalo. He did everything from jazz, his first love. Frankie also served as the stations news director. He also worked at. KGCI and WNUA-Chicago, and WKKS-St. Paul worked morning drive at “the Wave” until the Fall of. He was battling a. Paul did news during most of his tenure in Southern California. During the Gulf War, he won the Associated Press Award for best. When he moved to “the WAVE,” he gave up news to.

WAVE Newsletter, Paul talked of his morning assignment: “There’s. If I Had Me a Woman was heard by Alan Freed. Curtis returned to his hometown to finish. South and released a few albums. He died on September.

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C. C, Mickey: KIKF, Mickey Czegledy co-hosted the morning show at Country KIKF and she is involved in voiceover projects. Cabranes, Bill: KWNK.

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