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Get weekly health information and advice from the experts at Harvard Medical School. Learn more about this site in a welcome video from Dr. Marc Garnick, editor in chief. It could be said that testosterone is what makes men, men. It gives them their characteristic deep voices, large muscles, and facial and body hair, distinguishing them from women.

It stimulates the growth of the genitals at puberty, plays a role in sperm production, fuels libido, and contributes to normal erections. It also fosters the production of red blood cells, boosts mood, and aids cognition.

Researchers estimate that the condition affects anywhere from two to six million men in the United States. Studies have shown that testosterone-replacement therapy may offer a wide range of benefits for men with hypogonadism, including improved libido, mood, cognition, muscle mass, bone density, and red blood cell production.

But little consensus exists on what constitutes low testosterone, when testosterone supplementation makes sense, or what risks patients face. Much of the current debate focuses on the long-held belief that testosterone may stimulate prostate cancer. testosterone equine-3977 He has developed particular expertise in treating low testosterone levels.

In this interview, Dr. Morgentaler shares his views on current controversies, the treatment strategies he uses with his own patients, and why he thinks experts should reconsider the possible link between testosterone-replacement therapy and prostate cancer.

As a urologist, I tend to see men because they have sexual complaints. The primary hallmark of low testosterone is low sexual desire or libido, but another can be erectile dysfunction, and any man who complains of erectile dysfunction should get his testosterone level checked. Men may experience other symptoms, such as more difficulty achieving an orgasm, less-intense orgasms, a smaller amount of fluid from ejaculation, and a feeling of numbness in the penis when they see or experience something that would normally be arousing.

The more of these symptoms there are, the more likely it is that a man has low testosterone. There are a number of drugs that may lessen sex drive, including the BPH drugs finasteride Proscar and dutasteride Avodart.

Those drugs can also decrease the amount of the ejaculatory fluid, no question. But a reduction in orgasm intensity usually does not go along with treatment for BPH.

What You Need to Know About Sexual Aggression In Neutered Cats – Veterinary Practice News – January 2013

There are two ways that we determine whether somebody has low testosterone. One is a blood test and the other is by characteristic symptoms and signs, and the correlation between those two methods is far from perfect.

Generally men with the lowest testosterone have the most symptoms and men with highest testosterone have the least. But there are some men who have low levels of testosterone in their blood and have no symptoms.

How to Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally in Women | www.florencecardinal.com

But no one quite agrees on a number. Is total testosterone the right thing to be measuring? Or should we be measuring something else? When most doctors learned about testosterone in medical school, they learned about total testosterone, or all the testosterone in the body.

Almost every lab has a blood test to measure free testosterone. But the data behind that recommendation were drawn from healthy young men. There are some very interesting findings about diet. For example, it appears that individuals who have a diet low in protein have lower testosterone levels than men who consume more protein.

In this article, testosterone-replacement therapy refers to the treatment of hypogonadism with exogenous testosterone — testosterone that is manufactured outside the body.

Depending on the formulation, treatment can cause skin irritation, breast enlargement and tenderness, sleep apnea, acne, reduced sperm count, increased red blood cell count, and other side effects. Preliminary research has shown that clomiphene citrate Clomida drug generally prescribed to stimulate ovulation in women struggling with infertility, can foster the production of natural testosterone, termed endogenous testosterone, in men.

Because clomiphene citrate is not approved by the FDA for use in men, little information exists about the long-term effects of taking it including the risk of developing prostate cancer or whether it is more effective at boosting testosterone than exogenous formulations. But unlike exogenous testosterone, clomiphene citrate preserves — and possibly enhances — sperm production. That makes drugs like clomiphene citrate one of only a few choices for men with low testosterone who want to father children.

What forms of testosterone-replacement therapy are available? The disadvantage is that a man needs to come in every few weeks to get a shot. A roller-coaster effect can also occur as blood testosterone levels peak and then return to baseline. The first form of topical therapy was a patch, but it has a very high rate of skin irritation.

That limits its use. The most commonly used testosterone preparation in the United States — and the one I start almost everyone off with — is a topical gel. There are two brands: AndroGel and Testim. The gel comes in miniature tubes or in a special dispenser, and you rub it on your shoulders or upper arms once a day. The concentration of testosterone in the blood actually goes up quite quickly, within a few doses. I usually measure it after two weeks, though symptoms may not change for a month or two.

There are pills in the United States for testosterone supplementation, but their use is strongly discouraged because they cause significant liver toxicity. A safe oral formulation called testosterone undecanoate is available in Canada and in Europe, but not in the United States. Testosterone Supplementation Improves Spatial and Verbal Memory in Healthy Older Men. Isidori AM, Giannetta E, Greco EA, et al.

Effects of Testosterone on Body Composition, Bone Metabolism and Serum Lipid Profile in Middle-aged Men: A Meta-analysis. Liu PY, Swerdloff RS, Veldhuis JD.

Moffat SD, Zonderman AB, Metter EJ, et al. Longitudinal Assessment of Serum Free Testosterone Concentration Predicts Memory Performance and Cognitive Status in Elderly Men. Wang C, Cunningham G, Dobs A, et al. Long-term Testosterone Gel AndroGel Treatment Maintains Beneficial Effects on Sexual Function and Mood, Lean and Fat Mass, and Bone Mineral Density in Hypogonadal Men. Other than improvement in sexual symptoms, what are some of the potential benefits of testosterone-replacement therapy?

Some studies have looked at testosterone therapy and cognition. Other studies have shown that it improves mood. Testosterone therapy has also been shown to be effective in the treatment of osteoporosis and in increasing muscle bulk and strength. And the molecule itself that we give is identical to the one that their bodies make naturally, so in theory, everything should be hunky-dory. But in practice, there are always some curveballs. For example, testosterone can increase the hematocrit, the percentage of red blood cells in the bloodstream.

If the hematocrit goes up too high, we worry about the blood becoming too viscous or thick, possibly predisposing someone to stroke or clotting events. Nevertheless, the risk exists, so we want to be careful about giving testosterone to men who already have a high hematocrit, such as those with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or those who have a red-blood-cell disorder.

It became a standard therapy that we still use today for men with advanced prostate cancer. We call it androgen deprivation or androgen-suppressive therapy. The thinking became that if lowering testosterone makes prostate cancer disappear, at least for a while, then raising it must make prostate cancer grow. If you look at men who show up for prostate cancer screening, same sort of age population, the rate tends to be about the same.

They can then look at blood samples taken at the start of the study to see if, for example, the group that got prostate cancer had a higher level of testosterone over all.

Not one of those studies has shown a definitive correlation between prostate cancer and total testosterone. Three or four have shown weak associations, but none of those have been confirmed in subsequent studies. The evidence shows that testosterone treatment does not change the strength or rate of urine flow, does not change the ability to empty the bladder, and does not change other symptoms such as frequency or urgency of urination, as assessed by the American Urological Association Symptom Score or the International Prostate Symptom Score.

Studies have come to conflicting conclusions about whether high levels of testosterone increase the risk of developing prostate cancer. A sampling of studies that have helped drive the controversy follows. Parsons JK, Carter HB, Platz EA, et al. Serum Testosterone and the Risk of Prostate Cancer: Potential Implications for Testosterone Therapy.

Shaneyfelt T, Husein R, Bubley G, et al. Hormonal Predictors of Prostate Cancer: A Meta-Analysis. Eaton NE, Reeves GK, Appleby PB, et al. Endogenous Sex Hormones and Prostate Cancer: A Quantitative Review of Prospective Studies. Mohr BA, Feldman HA, Kalish LA, et al. Are Serum Hormones Associated with the Risk of Prostate Cancer?

Prospective Results from the Massachusetts Male Aging Study. Testosterone and Prostate Cancer: An Historical Perspective on a Modern Myth.

Slater S, Oliver RT. Testosterone: Its Role in the Development of Prostate Cancer and Potential Risks from Use as Hormone Replacement Therapy. My preference is to start men on testosterone, for a couple of reasons.

He can have sex whenever he wants. Second, the benefits of testosterone-replacement therapy often go way beyond erectile dysfunction. That may be what brought the patient into the office originally, but then he comes back saying how much better he feels in general, how much more energetic and motivated he is, how his drives on the golf course seem to be going farther, and how his mood is better.

It turns out that a third of those men will have adequate erections with testosterone-replacement therapy alone and another third will have adequate erections with the pills and testosterone combined. The findings ran counter to the long-held belief that HRT could preserve health — and trim heart-disease risk in women. Unlike previous studies of HRT, which had been observational in nature, the WHI was a double-blind, randomized controlled trial.

The gold standard of scientific inquiry, these trials can conclusively test theories and assess cause and effect. To date, no large, double-blind, randomized controlled studies of a link between testosterone treatment and prostate cancer have been completed.

Most of these studies lasted only six months. Before launching such an endeavor, the report recommended more firmly establishing the effectiveness of testosterone-replacement therapy, saying that studies of long-term risks and benefits should be conducted only after short-term efficacy has been proven.

That means the male equivalent of the WHI remains far off. I started doing prostate biopsies before putting men on testosterone therapy because the fear had always been that a hidden cancer might grow due to increased testosterone. It was also believed that low testosterone was protective. Well, we found prostate cancer in one of the first men with low testosterone we biopsied, even though his PSA level and digital rectal exam DRE were normal.

As we did more of these, we found more and more cases, about one out of seven, despite normal DRE and normal PSA. At the time, that rate of prostate cancer in men with normal PSA was several times higher than anything published previously, and it approximated the risk of men who had an elevated PSA or an abnormal DRE.

And we had a large enough group to look at the impact of testosterone on cancer risk. For men whose total testosterone or free testosterone value was in the lowest third, the odds of having a positive biopsy were double the odds in the rest of the men. That would argue for doing a routine prostate biopsy on anyone considering testosterone-replacement therapy. Several recent studies have shown that low testosterone is associated with higher Gleason scores, with advanced-stage prostate cancer, and, even worse, with shorter survival times.

If either is abnormal, the man should be evaluated further for prostate cancer, which is what we do with everybody whether they have low testosterone or not. That means a biopsy. But if all of those results are normal, then we can initiate testosterone therapy. Morgentaler A, Rhoden EL. Occult Prostate Cancer in Men with Low Serum Testosterone Levels. Massengill JC, Sun L, Moul JW, et al. Pretreatment Total Testosterone Level Predicts Pathological Stage in Patient with Localized Prostate Cancer Treated with Radical Prostatectomy.

Isom-Batz G, Bianco FJ Jr, Kattan MW, et al. Testosterone as a Predictor of Pathological Stage in Clinically Localized Prostate Cancer. What changes do you see taking place on the testosterone front over the next five years? I think that the importance of testosterone for cardiovascular health is going to be increasingly recognized. In the past, because men die of heart attacks more often than women and men have more testosterone, the fear has been that testosterone causes heart problems.

There are growing data for all-cause mortality that men who have low testosterone die earlier than those who have normal testosterone. A study by the Veterans Administration reported about a year ago showed low testosterone levels were associated with a dramatically increased mortality rate.

This is an area that has tremendous research potential in the coming years. Here is a good start for you sir A Harvard expert shares his thoughts on testosterone-replacement therapy — Harvard Health Publicatio… Good luck on your quest, it seems you have a really long way to go Are you looking for […] […] enlargement.

A Harvard expert shares his thoughts on testosterone-replacement therapy — Harvard Health Publicatio… Are you looking for Dr Prescribed Testosterone? Click here for your Free […] […] the other side, according to the Harvard University papers, prostate medications may cause sexual dysfunction. And the best the medical community can do is speculate at the real cause for a significant cancer? Perhaps prostate cancer is the real cause of global warming, there is no real science unless there is a real paycheck?

I can honestly say I have felt no different. Still just as tired, Sexual interest is very high as it was before therapy. I am over weight with a fat belly. My biggest complaint is feeling tired. That has not changed. My weight increased a. Did not know I felt bad. Seems to be a great help to me. So glad I found this.

Then I went on injectable testosterone. My numbers are normal but my weight is up even after eating less.

As well everything else is shelter smelter. I intend to get back to Androgel. I hope It will do me good in term of moral. Yeah why is that? If you are born a man you will always be a www.florencecardinal.com you remove your penis you will only be a man with a very short penis What a night mare! DR wants me stay on testosterone for the time being and wants to add a med to block DHT as I understand it.

I got all this today so kind of confused what to do. I am kind of anxious, but my T levels are non-existent. I will stop it now. On testosterone cream daily for about one year and feel fine. Was on injections prior and that got old. Cleared depression, feel more energetic have increased muscle strength. No real change in libido, have always been a horny little bugger. Am looking for comparison of gels to cream.

Particularly impressed with the down to earth presentation and opinions given by www.florencecardinal.comtaler…. Morgentaler, for instance, states: There […] Made many mistakes growing up. Late highschool, small group of guys tried Testosterone and obviously it worked great on all levels especially on the football field etc. College years we did it again and again but not anywhere near the levels of body builders we knew and saw at the gym.

When it became harder to find, then…. It worked but it also worked on everything else in a negative way. Mainly liver toxicity that I noticed and just the general idea of not really knowing what was in it.

This is in an infection in a diverticula that forms in your intestines. It was so bad and fast that it spread with a rapid onset of epididymitis infection on the epididymis of your testical. After the hospital I went see my gastro who was a board member of a large anti aging group of doctors. We did bloodwork and My testosterone levels were lower than a woman! After spilling my guts to my doctor we decided upon the gel. My doctor also tells me that in his opinion our environmental factors play a huge role in this, meaning hormones in meats, milks, public water etc.

I constantly read up on the latest info I can find and I liked reading this and your posts. Sometimes I feel guilty because I get comments on how I look and my energy levels and I wonder is this too good to be true?

But if I am following a strict regiment and bloodwork reports good things…. Do I need to worry about anything else??? This is my story and I have never shared it with ANYONE other than my wife. Big move for me!! This is a generalization but……. Why is it Taboo to publicly discuss men and hormones? More than likely you have it! Will TRT stop for good endogenous T production. He explains that Norman was never properly diagnosed with hypogonadism, the medical condition drugs like AndroGel are supposed to treat.

If you quit testosterone call turkey, you will likely fall back to your baseline level fairly quickly. There is a protocol however to get back to your normal production much quicker should you choose to quit therapy. Testosterone by itself is not good enough and problems will develop with several functions in www.florencecardinal.com can help maintain good balance. One thing that I have found is that my body does a great job of converting the testosterone into estrogen!

I have also corrected my DHEA levels with supplements. I still find it very hard to wake up, get motivated etc etc. After years of low libido,ED and just general lack of energy I found a urogist will to look at my symptoms. Had a great improvement on everything I was having issues plus just a lot happier. I had an MRI and found a. I like to believe that the years of low testosterone help the cancer to develope and the twice yearly testing of PSA by the doctor because of therapy caught it very early.

Anyone tried TRT Pellets? Seem to work better than both gel and injections. I had a MRI of my pituitary gland today, and get results next week.

Hoping to start depo T next week as I return to work. Wish you all results and good health, and thank you for a great article! Urologist put me on androgel. Drs goal is to get me just over that line. I got this hair a long time ago.

Personally, if all webmasters and bloggers made good content as you did. What is your opinion of using depo-testosterone injections on women? Unfortunately, the doctor was asked to leave the practice and his replacement refuses to use the injections on me. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Everytime you add Testosterone to your system, be it naturally through producing in the testis, injected, oral, or dermal you will receive a spike in your blood levels. Estrogen is mainly created in men by an action of an enzyme called Aromatase. Aromatase floats around and binds to Testosterone and converts it to Estrogen. When you spike your T your E will follow in this way. The obvious and detrimental effects to many of the already estrogen dominant hypogonadal men will be inappropriate over stimulation of the estrogen receptors in the body.

Gynecomastia, fluid retention, weight gain, brain fog, erratic emotions, depression, ect. Higher levels of Estrogen cause SHBG to be created.

SHBG binds to Testosterone and transports it to the liver for disposal. On top of this Estrogen can bind to your androgen receptors causing Testosterone to float around with no where to go. This has been known for years that you must be prepared to control Estrogen.

An Aromatase Inhibitor AI or anti estrogen medication Clomiphene, Tamoxifen is needed to stop the estrogen from getting out of control. Only two medications needed. Also, for those with abnormal fatigue. Both the Testis and Thyroid need to receive signaling hormones from the Pituitary to function correctly and the Pituitary relies heavily on the Hypothalamus.

Simple blood tests can check all of those. It is important you find out the reason you have low Testosterone! I am a physician and nothing you said makes any since. Stop prescribing low T treatment and let your patients go to a real doctor and not continue suffering. Without understanding this, you better leave the patient alone. Everything that guy said tracks with my experience. Testosterone injections helped but after a month I started to look puffy, retain water, feel sluggish.

Test revealed high estrogen and an estrogen blocker was prescribed. Or did you get a doctorate in some obscure field? Are you a reverend doctor by chance? I think for the sake of people who need this help you should quit talking out your ass. What is the problem with doctors? I have known this for www.florencecardinal.com who takes testosterone by itself is in danger of several side www.florencecardinal.com HCG is www.florencecardinal.com HGH. How would holicist fit for treatment would this make a difference.

Put on statins to keep lipid levels down to prevent further artery blockage. Started Androgel, felt normal after a couple of weeks. I believe statins is the cause of my low T, you need lipids for hormone transport. I get samples of Testim every now and then, it has a manly woody fragrance that women like. My lab work is always normal, except my red blood cells is always on the high side, almost abnormal. Next week I am going to donate some blood, to bring my RBC count down, and see if that will help.

She started trying about a drop a day to see if her libido would improve, and it did, dramatically, and also her moods and patience. So she went off it. About a month later, she started www.florencecardinal.comart, and everything improved tenfold. She literally glows with smiles and energy, and has an extremely high libido. Maybe try that first. Gets REALLY expensive in this day and age. I was put on a testosterone cream replacement therapy.

I felt great at both levels. Thanks for this article. Now I have a low T blood test along with symptoms of Low T. If this is your opinion do you have any suggestions as to what I should do about my symptoms? Does testosterone replacement therapy actually do anything? Jeff- I read your post and I can relate to your problem. My oncologist is also a graduate of Harvard like the doc that wrote this article.

He has no concerns that the T will cause me to get prostate cancer again. Everything is normal so far. The Axiron has gotten me back to normal and then some!! I have great results with weekly injections and some folks need bi-weekly injections. Somewhat but still ineffective at that point. Berlin at Raleigh Endocrinology is one such person in NC. He is ever watchful and wants the very best care for his patients.

He does a most wonderful job of balancing quality of life with safety aspects. Bottom line when it comes to Testosterone and the Prostate? Given the choice between giving up my prostate or giving up my T? A couple years ago I was having a problem with my thighs burning when walking up stairs. I noticed the muscles in my legs looking smaller.

After several injections I felt greatmuscles in legs came backlots of energy everything good. So I go in for my scheduled injection and they tell me there out of testosterone.

I might mention, this is a health care facilility that gives financial assistant if needed. So I went on to check back often and got the same replywere out of supply. So finally after months of the sameI gave up. I started loosing wait and my nerves got bad.

Was having panic attacks etc. I was so bad with my nerves I ended up in the ER while on vacation. After close to a year I checked back with the place I was getting TRT and they were resupplyed with testosterone.

So I started back up because of low sex drive and ED. I went in for injection and after a couple days started feeling a little better. Told him the problems I was havingwhich included a horrible down moodno energy. I feel once a week injection is what it will take to get feeling good again. Just need to get my T level on track with a doctor that will listen to how his patient is feeling. And I wanted to switch because the injection just seem so much better and they are.

I noticed a big difference. Lost energy, mood, sexuality. Law suits are out about T and blood clots. I have lost energy, sexuality, and mood. I read all these studies, hear in the news, and see all these dumb lawsuit commercials about testosterone causing cardiovascular events, blood clots and many other things. If anyone takes the time to do the due diligence and read the studies the picture becomes very clear.

Unless you monitor all the other hormones, specifically, Estradiol, DHT, Pregenolone, Total Testosterone, Free Direct Testosterone, and DHEAS you are playing a deadly game. The reason is you must give something to control the pathways of T conversion into estradiol and or DHT.

The vast majority of the studies used nothing to control those pathways and they gave men way, way more T than they needed to start with. They also gave forms of T that are not acceptable. Especially the oral version. In my opinion, it is not T that is causing the problems, rather a bunch of incompetent doctors who do not know what they are doing regarding TRT.

Much like female hormone replacement, you should never, never ever use conjugated equine estrogen and synthetic progestins.

Those two coupled together are evil twins. It is not hormone replacement that is the issue in men or women. The issue is the type of hormone used and doctors not knowing what they are doing. I always use bio-identical hormones. Synthetics are not the proper administration of any hormone program. I read several comments about blood clots. The issue was more than likely caused by estrogen overload and the measurement of ultra sensitive estradiol would prove it.

I would wager that given T without anastrozole and having belly fat, that aromatase enzyme converted T to estrogen and that is why clots developed and why they felt worse instead of better. That is my opinion. I need an answer regarding getting testoroene after having your Prostate removed.

I want to go back on testoroene because I felt great when I was on it before having my prostate taken out. My question is this: if I take testoroene will my PSA levels go up and will the cancer come back? I have been on testosterone injections for about six months now. I have also noticed it appears to make my eyes water on the day of the injection. I have gotten off the injections because that is the obvious thing to do, but the dillema is than my personal life with the wife suffers.

I am in great shape and work out all the time. Is there anything you can recommended I do to mitigate the increased blood pressure and increased heart beat? My last blood test showed normal except my estrogen was right at the recommended max but still with in limits. Any advice would be appreciated. My husband is on testosterone injections and Anastrozole that stops the testosterone from turning into estrogen. That should be all you need to reduce the estrogen in your body.

I know I have to give it time, but is there anything else I can do or should be prescribed to help speed up the process? Additionally, you may have adult onset gH deficiency. You may also be eligibility for sermorelin, a gH releasing hormone.

Question for the group: Is there anything to worry about if my free testosterone is in normal range but my total is on the lower side? Thanks so much for any quick thoughts Good evening. Now I stopped and I accumulate a lot of fat, ansiety came back and I started to drink alcohol to cool things down, but as U know, its not helping. Do you have to stop taking testosterone eventually or can you keep taking it as a supplement in a regular basis along the rest of your live? Cheers from Panama, Central America.

I do not know what my free T is due to the expense but I feel much better than I did. Not great but much better so I will continue. Thanks very much for the information provided on this site. However, i still have pituitary tumor and also diagnosed with colon cancer.

I am thinking of stopping the HRT because i felt it is worsening the illness. I would be glad if you could advice me of the risk of stopping the treatment. I have been on both pills and www.florencecardinal.com the pills were much more convenient, the gel seems to work better for me. I feel more focused and clear of mind with gel therapy. The therapy has been good for me emotionally and physically.

Cernos depot is an equivalent to Nebido and holds testosterone undecanoate. I have started to find this pattern risky for the other health hazards due to over dosage. Or is my testosterone being suppressed by an external agent? I am too confused and need help. With all of the negative stuff you hear about Androgel killing people, I am afraid to take it but I have very low T almost no T. All the time I was pushing for T testing. Even I knew that was too low and infrequent. Finally got urology consult in Shreveport and got a level done at that time.

Saw urologist last week. Appreciated this article arm subsequent posts and personal trials. Would love to find a competent and assertive urologist in my area of Louisiana. Feeling low energy, lack of enthusiasm, but not so much on the sexual side, seems okay. My doctor started me on testosterone patches after a heart and prostate exam.

Now two months into program, now using the gel, there seems little change. I am disappointed sufficiently to decide not to continue the program. I guess my question is if I quit the program, will my body return to its normal, or will it be worse. I have been on AndroGel for over one year now. It seems as though my body has stopped responding to the andro gel. Should I speak with my doctor about testosterone injections? Before methadone I was always very muscular etc.

But, not many people know about the methadone situation. The methadone clinic I go to never even told me about it. And is it not time more research was dun involving more males with KS instead of comparing us with normal xy male groups. He was shocked to say the least. What do i do people??? But I missed memories, now that I was speeded-up I no longer could easily connect and be a part of them. And yet I have these skills that apply to now that in the dreams I needed then. Sometimes, like licking ice cream, you gotta just experience it.

I have yet to read you all. TRT sent my drive into negative overdrive: ambition, cunning, entrepreneurial risk, physcal and psychological risks: drugs,you name it. I started with the shots. For two years I was like a teenager. But then I noticed some REALLY risky Health behavior and memory gaps and bad decisions with long-term implications i.

No TRT, makes exercise SO hard to do. Muscles seem so much more aware of stiffness. Think: when you were teenager: you were active without thinking of ways to be active.

You have to think of ways to incorporate activity into your routine or you get www.florencecardinal.com you cycled, walked everywhere as a teen you did this automatically. Without the hormone stimulus you must use your head and memories of what to do.

It is all over the net, and endocrine journals that testosterone therapy reverses all metabolic syndrome symptoms… causing reductions in BP, Waist circumference, weight, blood sugar, improvements in libido, erections… and energy. When he takes his weekly shots, he experiences rapid mood changes and is quick to anger.

Have been experiencing issues with getting an erection in the morning if I had sex the night before. Has anyone experience this? Also have less sensitivity during sex and it takes longer to orgasm. Not a bad thing but sometimes it takes way too long. See the guevosdoce in the Dominican Republic or other areas where the enzyme that converts Test into Dihydrotest is missing. He has done shots and has a huge rollercoaster effect of mood, weight gain, depression and lack of motivation to do anything including hunt and fish from them.

Was lethargic, no real interest in life. Type A personality, hyper active all my life. Ran my large NM ranch as retirement. Reluctantly moved to Big City, small house. I was cut of treatments immediately. Scanned from head to toe side to side. Is not the Free T we should be concerned with? I am in general Good health. What can you suggest for me taking testosterone and it making my blood too thick?

Is there a different supplement out there that does not do this? Or does it kick on your bodies natural production? Looking for help in regards to my situation. My blood is not thick.

My prostate is not enlarged or cancerous. Full of energy…no wonder I lost weight and got healthier…I gave a damn. I am not depressed. Low T steals your life. T replacement gives it. All the worries are unwarranted and debunked.

Low T is a serious problem that has a serious cure. I tried patches, but they were too much of a hassle for me especially when you start to work out more. You sweat or you have to take a shower in the mornings and the gel sucked to apply.

I give myself shots every two weeks. My parents actually were known about my condition prior to birth. I currently face problems at this time in life due to the endocrinologists. Also with my last doctor I was able to retrieve enough testosterone to perform my out ethical experiment with Testosterone. The outcome was amazing. My mind, body, and spirit were one. The energy was phenomenal and in demand. I was able to pursue my endeavors with the energy provided, I was able to think about running and exercising and then put that thought into action.

I took extensive notes in the form of a journal to create the ultimate needed dosage for myself. The only reason it ended in three months, was due to no more medicine. It had to be done. My depression seemed to get better my sex life returned had lots of energy lost weight www.florencecardinal.com i moved to upstate NY and the new doctor said that she was going to discontinue my treatments due to it being addictive drugs?

I went allmost a yr. It did not help. I went to a lower dose, began cod liver capsules…and my numbers went down to normal. I am still on T therapy. I did and I had a major crash: physically and emotionally. I was also robbed of any initiative to do anything.

Funny, the advertisers and the docs who peddle this stuff. I was diagnosed with klinefelter syndrome which has affected my testosterone. I was wondering if tongkat and myomin would be helpful with lowering estrogen and increasing testosterone. Finally had the courage to have a frank talk with dr. Re-doing blood work again just to be sure in the next week or so, and will post updates then as things progress. Also had high prolactin. Got cabergoline for prolactin and now is normal.

Test still low but normal as they say. I guess insurance covers only so much so if yiu would want high end trt i guess they would check for estradiol. That universla health care system is a scam. Not sure should I start now since they dont even use hcg aromasin.

It is very hard to find a local endo who is thinking with his head vs complying with old trt programs. Aromason will do same but clomid is more potent. LH is also being affected in negative way since the lh receptors can burn out to a degree. I will contact the trt clinic in order to start my trt as they have much more experience with these things. I think im on the right track…www.florencecardinal.comg HRT, but im worried about the cost, I have no insurance, thanks Obama!

My energy levels are the only thing that makes me money to provide!!! Is there a way to lesson the cost and inject at home, while paying to get your tests done every few months? I would be happy paying the money if i could cut the cost, and still feel safe, pay for testing? Gmal- rodneywick Hello — Has anybody here had their hair fall out after significantly increasing their T level? Yes, it went way up! I have no idea why anybody would bother with gels and shots without giving this a chance.

It costs almost nothing. Initially I believe I noticed some increase in stamina, overall health, libido, etc… but after being off it for a month now these are diminishing. So, I am back on a half dose and will have my blood tested in a month after seeing if it brings me back. The only problem I have had messing with my hormonal balance has been significant hair loss. QUESTION: Has anybody else suffered from hair loss by escalating their T and E levels like I have?

I am almost double that now and my estrogen is high as I explained above. High levels of estrogen can cause cancer. I asked if I could purchase it with cash and they told me that the FDA is not approving this usage anymore but did not provide an option.

Completely out now for close to a week and have been working for five weeks trying to get again. Strange thing is I think I have found a compounding pharmacy in Houston Texas that will fill this Rx.

I wonder if this will ever stop. This whole process is not great. I can only imagine what a person must feel taking hard drugs then not getting any all at once. Prior to commencement of treatment, I presented with symptoms including low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, weight gain particularly around midsection and mood swings.

Subsequently diagnosed with low to no Testosterone. I have a positive outlook on life, I am fit, healthy and full of vitality and my sex drive has improved tremendously.

My only concern is my medical consultant. So much to say, take a look at www.florencecardinal.com it is a resource for men like us that give answers, science and dialogue which addresses our questions.

Also, I would say to eliminate blue light before bed from tv and pc screens. Simply use blue light blocking glasses or www.florencecardinal.com from the play store. Also get outside in the sun in the AM. The goal is to restore the circadian rhythm which impacts hormone productiion. I remember this so well because my life pretty much changed after that.

Can I get testorone in a pharmacy or a health store? I am desperately in need of advice with regards to deca-durabolin. Are you able to answer a few quesions? The problem with testosterone therapy is several reasons you may have to stop taking www.florencecardinal.come what you hear the chance of enlarged prostate is very www.florencecardinal.com happened to www.florencecardinal.com blood too thick only cure by phlebotomy having blood drawn more often than you will probably want to be harpooned to thin blood.

Our bodies have a lot more hormones to balance than just testosterone and estradiol and the crash can be a little rough if you have to stop. Always worry of side effects i. Also feels like I am doping like a pro-cyclist hate cheaters Without it my muscles and joints stiffens so painfully, fuzzy and somewhat depressed, when pushing very hard while exercising the sensations become bizarre and again so incredibly painful — it feels so good after the injection if I had waited too long!

I read in the exogenous vs. I am interested to learn more about it. Could I please know the regular dosage amount, when should it be taken, and for how long before I notice improvement?

Would most appreciate your response. More over will I become sterileI have a young wife and we may have more kids. Also the gel application is very uncomfortable since I have young kids in the house I have o take extreme caution. Last was it worth starting TRT without finding out the level of my free testosterone. Since then i have had multiple blood work done to establish testosterone levels and other relevant tests e. Labs here do not seem to test free T so a calculated level is all that has been available using the three results above.

Going by the standards currently listed by the mayo clinic these are seriously below normal. Even going so far as to discuss the cost of treatment. If i understand it is not serum but bio available and free testosterone that are more important. But also so low levels of testosterone available to the body can cause a wide range of other serious health issues.

If that happened what would be the symptoms and how long would it take for the topical T to allow his body to reach a normal level? Doctor I hope I understand what you are saying. What I make of your exposure:. PSA nor DRE are all in all no good markers people with abnormal results have approximately the same risk as those with normal results.

So why should I undergo all those embarrassing examinations which bring me a lot of tensions? I must say that there is one issue where you seem to contradict yourself. Why do you recommend a PSA and DRE if there is so little advantage in it?

Even a biopsy seems to have problems. Because there are doctors like you who dare to go against the flow saying a biopsy is seeding cancers cells at least if one has cancer of course.

Neither I see a reason to not take a little DHEA for the rest of my life at least if it makes my problem of lower libido a little better. I know also you can be wrong. It seems that just nobody knows for sure. But after reading your article I must conclude that the odds are not so bad and that a little higher testosterone can be a good thing.

Note that I have the feeling that you are a conscious man with a mass of experience. You dare to speak out loud. Only please keep us informed if you change your mind on the issue. With my testosterone levels i need or not to do TRT???. This was a great article and if it does anything, it should stimulate you to talk to your physician. A lot of people here have been giving free advice, but who knows your system best?

Just something to think about people before you take some quacks advice. You never know, that advice may kill you. I was diagnosed with depression and prescribed proper medication. It may not be low T, check it out first before you mess yourself up with a greedy Dr. They have proven beneficial. How long can I keep this treatment up? Are there studies risks to long-term TRT? First off, thank you Dr. Abraham Morgentaler, for the excellent and refreshing article.

I do not intend to spill my guts about symptoms or values on here as it has already been done so many times over. I live in Oklahoma and when I first started noticing symptoms I knew something was wrong and began to do research myself.

Like many, I found a company outside of Oklahoma that was willing to help. I have been on several forms of replacement to include pellets etc. Which I have had to teach my wife to give. I found that everyone out there has their own idea of what is best yet, here is my issue. How is it that women for many years have had HRT available and it is common place and acceptable for them? Men are expected to just have a decline and when they start to look into this, immediately they are looked at as they just want to do steroids.

This is not the case for any of the comments I have read. I too simply like having my levels where they should be and if taken for this reason should be common place just as it is for estrogen replacement in women.

At one point I asked my doctor who referred me to a urologist. So to those who have found a Dr. To the rest of us I highly recommend that you research as much as possible before using out of state clinics. In summary, I started off very secretive of the fact I was on HRT, until I decided this was a bigger issue than myself and have become an advocate for research and acceptance among men in our society today.

Side note, insurance rarely will cover it and cause a long paper trail to even approve it which is unfortunate and disheartening.

Especially when it is done out of network. Best of luck to all of you. I started to feel exhausted and experienced low libido,lack of motivation and mental focus.

I actually thought oh well this is what happens when you get older. Well let me tell you that my energy levels, libido, concentration, motivation have increase ten fold.

I am now feeling stronger than ever at the gym and at Karate. Interesting when I spoke to some friends about this and they have now gone and got tested and have come back with low Testosterone and the doc never picked up on it.

I would recommend that every man gets a blood test to see if you have low Testosterone as this may solve a lot of your issues. I found out the hard way. Nature provides a means of self-regulation. When men age, testosterone decreases — naturally and for a reason. I was told by my dr. That I needed to start TRT right away as low t can effect a lot different things in your body. I know each person is different but should I feel like this already, or is it a placebo effect at this point?

My doc and you know each other well. We reside in Richmond, VA. Doc told me to inject my weekly Cypionate into sub fat for longer absorption, with reference you shared this info him with him. He is the best. I wont mention names. Please point me to a study showing the results of testosterone absorption from fat. I have had low T for a few years now. I was using Testim for a few years, but I hated the smell and mostly feared getting thus stuff on the kids.

So, why bother using anything that is not working, so I stopped. Apparently I am one of those men who do not absorb the gel very well. My biggest symptom was fatigue. Interestingly, I had and have no problem with erections at all. So, this past summer I talked with my doctor about starting T injections to see if that would work.

Apparently, my body reacted and took to it very quickly and easily, but the T level was now TOO high. My energy level have increased and my muscle mass has also increased, so I have positive results. The stronger and harder aspect is great, but the more often spontaneous is a bit annoying.

The count is just over the limit, not by much but it is on the high side especially compared to where my typical levels used to be. My doctor and I agree that we need to another blood test before making a decision as to what we may or may not need to do. I do have a large and muscular fat, but I also have a good amount of at on top of that. The fat on my body and around my middle is quite soft compared to male friends who have those large and hard bellies. Still, my doctor and reading indicate that fat has an effect on T potentially lowering the overall level that my T would be if I lost a good amount of that fat.

One more thing that I have experienced from getting injected T is that my testicles have shrunk and they have shrunk quite a good amount.

This is a result that many men get when they get T injections. I have a buddy who also gets injections and his testicles have shrunk a good amount as well. And when I stopped using the gel they plumbed back up again to their former size.

It took some time but their size came back. Glad to be heard. I have had zero issues. My sex drive is on fire. Doctors in the USA have no clue what they are doing. They read literature and have no experience or facts about test. Way short of what we as men need. Injectable is the way to go. Gels are a weak joke.

Father died of prostate cancer. Mine prostate is fine. Prostate cancer from test is another example of ignorance in medical field. I do hope the medical field catches up with the times and stops relying on archaic info. I am very sexually active especially for my age. The one side effect that no one talks about is psychological for me. I have no use associating with people my own age. I have nothing in common and even look different. This year at my class reunion was a glaring example…www.florencecardinal.com doubt I looked younger than anyone, but it is sooo much more than just very that.

My customers are young, all my girlfriends and associates. This all has a large effect on my mind. My mind is so confused about how old I really am. I do a lot of adrenalin sports for my age snow ski, wake-surf, wake-board, scuba dive and it is no doubt just a matter of time till I get hurt doing these wild sports. This whole experience has been incredible and very positive with the only one psychological effect and no other physical side effect.

I just wanted to throw this out there and see if anyone else has had the same problem. I request that my full name not be released. Patches, gel and spray did not do much for my disposition, energy or overall sense of well being. It is a bit painful but worth it as long as it helps.

I pay for the pellets and at my age see no need for Medicare to pay for questionable tests. Actually m hvng the confusion dt,the person who is suffering from the low testosterone are should take the medicine continously??? If not…www.florencecardinal.com many days ll be effective per dose??

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Living With Prostate Cancer. Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia BPH. Prostatic Intraepithelial Neoplasia PIN. Sign Up Now For. A Harvard expert shares his thoughts on testosterone-replacement therapy. An interview with Abraham Morgentaler, M. What signs and symptoms of low testosterone prompt the average man to see a doctor?

How do you determine whether a man is a candidate for testosterone-replacement therapy? Endocrine Society recommendations summarized. This professional organization recommends testosterone therapy for men who have both.

Therapy is not recommended for men who have. Do time of day, diet, or other factors affect testosterone levels? Topical therapies help maintain a more uniform level of blood testosterone.

Are there any drawbacks to using gels? How long does it take for them to work? Comparison of forms of testosterone therapy. Testosterone enanthate Delatestryl and testosterone cypionate Depo-testosterone injections. Scrotal testosterone patch Testoderm. May be less irritating to skin than nonscrotal patches. Scrotum must be shaved in order for patch to adhere to skin. Nonscrotal testosterone patch Testoderm TTS and Androderm.

Testosterone gels AndroGel and Testim. Methyltestosterone Testred and fluoxymesterone Halotestin pills. Can cause liver toxicity. More effective at raising testosterone levels than skin patches. Needs to be administered only four times a year. Under FDA review and not currently available in the United States. Cherrier MM, Asthana MD, Plymate S, et al.

What risks do you consider when prescribing testosterone-replacement therapy? What about the risk of developing prostate cancer? Can testosterone worsen BPH? Increases in cancer risk. No effect or decreases in cancer risk. What recommendations do you have for monitoring once testosterone therapy begins? Low testosterone, PSA, and prostate cancer.

Morgentaler presents a compelling argument in favor of testosterone-replacement therapy for men with hypogonadism. However, his views are not universally accepted, and evidence on both sides of the debate is limited. Print This Post Successful TRT story! Post a Comment Click here to cancel reply. Home About Us Contact Us. What is the prostate? Harvard Men’s Health Watch. What to do about Erectile Dysfunction. Sexuality in Midlife and Beyond.

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